Teeth Whitening

At Your Dental Care we are able to lighten the look of teeth using the Englighten Whitening system and an at-home whitening treatment.

We now also own a Vita Easyshade Compact to assist us in measuring the colour of patients’ teeth efficiently and effectively for improved results.

It is easy for teeth to become stained by our food and drink diets. If someone smokes then this can also stain the teeth and make them darker. Whitening the teeth is a simple, effective way of increasing the whiteness of stained teeth. There are many variations of shades and the whitening treatment used will be dependent on each individual patient.


The Enlighten teeth whitening system is able to improve tooth colour by means of increasing the tooth's permeability to oxygen, breaking down stain molecules and improving smile aesthetics. The treatment combines a home treatment lasting for two weeks in which patients wear a custom-made tray at night and a one hour in-practice appointment to give your teeth the finishing touch of whiteness.

Home whitening treatment

We will give you a special tray made specifically for your mouth and teeth. At night special gel which whitens the teeth is applied to the tray and worn until the morning. It may also be worn for small intervals in the daytime, and whiteness can be achieved in around 14 days. This is a good alternative to in-house treatments or it can also be used as a booster after in-house treatment. As the tray is made for each individual patient’s mouth it is extremely comfortable and easy to use.