Children’s Dentistry

At Your Dental Care looking after your children’s teeth is very important to us. Our goal is to prevent any tooth problems from happening - rather than treating them in the future. It is important for children to start looking after and protecting their teeth from an early age. If teeth are protected then decay and disease is less likely to occur in childhood or adulthood. Prevention is always the best route of caring for your oral health.

Applying fluoride and fissure sealants (these are white like the teeth) provide protection and are placed over the teeth to stop dental decay. Fluoride is a harmless mineral compound found in water, the air and certain foods we eat. It is a great way of looking after children’s teeth while they develop as it gets absorbed into the bones and the teeth, making them stronger and more able to fight against decay and bacteria.

Children’s teeth can be vulnerable to tooth decay just as adult teeth can, especially when children consume sugary foods and drinks as part of their diet. We use fissure sealants which are tooth coloured to protect teeth from the effects of sugary foodstuffs. The sealant is similar in consistency to nail varnish. It is applied to the back teeth and flows into the grooves of the exterior tooth. After only a few minutes the sealant hardens and protects the individual teeth. Each tooth takes about five minutes to treat and the procedure is completely pain free.

It also helps to make the teeth even, easy to clean and the sealant will act as a protective wall against harmful plaque and bacteria. The sealant also contains fluoride to make the sealant extremely protective and strengthen the teeth.