Preventative Dentistry

At Your Dental Care we like to highlight the importance of preventative care for teeth and gums so that oral health will be maintained for a great smile. Using preventative methods means that there is less chance of problems occurring in the future.


Both fluoride and sealant treatment is used for tooth decay protection. Starting early with oral heath regimes and treatment means that children will grow up to take better care of their teeth and visit the dentist. We believe it is important that children not only learn how to look after their teeth but also that they enjoy their childhood. Sealant treatments protect the teeth from sugary treats and drinks, setting them up for a life of healthy teeth and gums.

Dental hygiene

We teach best brushing techniques, scaling & polishing. It is important that you brush your teeth using the optimum technique so that plaque is removed from the mouth. There are different brushes available to get to parts of the teeth if a normal brush is ineffective. Flossing and using fluoride mouthwash also help to keep the mouth healthy.

Bad breath

Stop bad mouth odour hindering your life. We look at the cause of bad breath which we then treat and help to stop bad breath happening.

Gum disease

Treat inflammation, pain and infection within the gum area. We can remove any decay using professional cleaning methods and root canal treatment.

Decay detection

Treat teeth before decay sets in. We are able to spot the first signs of decay which may be difficult to spot at home.

Mouth cancer screening

Lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption or smoking can increase the likelihood of cancer. Fast detection can aid survival rates.

Oral hygiene aids

These include special brushes and flossing aids for a healthier mouth.