Decay Detection

At Your Dental Care we place great importance on preventive dentistry. If tooth decay is not dealt with early then it can lead to an infection, gum disease or tooth loss. We advise a habitual oral health regime alongside dental check-ups and scale and polish treatments.

Decomposing of the teeth does not always cause distress or pain even when it weakens the structure. You may display no obvious symptoms of decay until it is too late and infection sets in. This can cause a large amount of pain and lead to the teeth becoming loose, weak and falling out of the mouth. Dealing with missing teeth is much more time consuming and costly than having preventative treatment for dental decay.

A special light is used to find any decay at the earliest stage to stop unwanted destruction of the teeth. A tiny cavity is a lot simpler to treat and will cost much less than more invasive treatments. We can use white fillings to fill in any small cavities and also look at ways of improving your oral health. We provide a range of cleaning appliances and also offer advice and support to all of our patients.

There are not many visible signs of decay at its early stages and teeth can look in good physical shape. An X-ray will determine if there is decay occurring under the surface, such as in the root canal, or if the bone is starting to disintegrate. This means that the decay is not new but has been getting worse over time and has spread down into the root or bone. At this stage without treatment the infection can spread even further and leave the tooth so weak that treatment is needed to extract or support it.