Restorative Dentistry

We offer a wide range of treatments to restore your teeth to full health, including:

Crowns and bridges

Crowns are caps which naturally restore the functionality and aesthetics of teeth. They are a great way of dealing with teeth that are weak or decayed. They fit over the tooth completely for protection and stop the decay from worsening. Bridges are used to keep a false tooth in place by its attachment to the two teeth next to the missing tooth. Both treatments are a popular way of dealing with weak and missing teeth.


They substitute lost teeth and restore fullness to the face. Missing teeth can cause sagging to the face as it has lost some of its frame. Dentures allow you to feel confident with your smile and able to show your teeth with pride.

Dental implants

Dental implants are an innovative treatment used to replace lost teeth and roots. They are normally made from titanium and are cylinder shaped. They fit in the jaw and fuse with the jaw bone, and along with a false tooth they are able to recreate a natural tooth and tooth root.

Oral surgery

This includes removing a tooth due to decay or pain. Wisdom teeth are often involved in oral surgery as they may not grow correctly and can cause pain to the mouth. Tooth extraction is needed if a tooth had become decayed to the point that it is causing infection.

Root canal treatment

Treat any infection to the dental pulp to restore oral health. If there is an infection in the dental pulp then root canal treatment will treat the infection, leaving the teeth to heal and restoring health to the root.

Sedation for fearful patients

These are several methods to relax fearful or anxiety ridden patients. Being fearful and anxious about visiting the dentist is common, but here at Your Dental Care we work with patients to change this. We provide relaxing treatments and sedation techniques so that patients can overcome their fear and get the dental treatment they need.

Chipped tooth options

The treatment options available for chipped teeth include composite bonding and other restorative techniques including crowns and veneers.