The Inman Aligner

The Inman aligner has effectively and securely treated a great deal of patients who suffer with overcrowding of their front teeth in a short space of time, with treatment sometimes being completed in just 2 months or less.

The Inman Aligner is also a safer treatment than veneers and crowns.

The device can be removed from the mouth so that the patient can enjoy a special event without having to wear the brace.

There are major advantages to the Inman aligner when compared with other modern braces, including invisible braces like Clearstep and Invisalign. They include:

  • Fast, effective treatment time
  • Much lower cost compared to invisible braces
  • Get fantastic results with only one piece of equipment

In the past the only method of treating misaligned teeth was metal ‘train-track’ braces, or there was the undesirable option of removing a lot of the natural tooth and applying crowns or veneers. When a tooth is healthy and parts are removed it can affect the nerve system in the tooth. The Inman aligner is a effective alternative to this kind of unsafe treatment and does no harm to the gums or teeth.

How it works

A coil spring is used to add pressure to the misaligned teeth in combination with a plastic bar which sits on the front teeth. The pressure created by these competing forces works to constrict the teeth and then push and pull them into position.

How they work with overcrowding

Movement can be achieved in two ways:

For minor crowding, teeth will be gently aligned at a gradual pace until the teeth are perfectly positioned. This treatment has been proven to achieve results safely without any harm to the teeth. This method has been used for many years on tens of hundreds of people and it is a tried and tested means of treating overcrowding.

Treatment for more serious overcrowding would involve a tiny adjuster being attached to the appliance to gently move the teeth out slightly. This allows millimetres of new space for the proper alignment of teeth.

Can we be confident it will work?

A before and after 3D computer image is used to show the patient how the treatment will move the teeth during treatment.

Using this imagery we can discuss and workout an exact plan to move the teeth over time, which would involve a talk about the desired alignment of teeth and potential treatment time. This is to ensure that you are pleased with the treatment and the potential results.

How long will treatment be?

Constructing and attaching the Inman Aligner is a two-stage process but does not last long. After this, every two to three weeks, the device will be adjusted over the course of fifteen minute appointments.

Fantastic results are seen in between 2 to 4 months time depending on each individual patient’s overcrowding problem.

It is painful?

In the first stages of treatment the pressure applied can make the teeth a little bit sore, in which case anti-inflammatory medication may be used to ease symptoms. As it is a foreign body in the mouth extra salivation will occur during the first few days and your speech may be affected for the first week or so. The device is thicker than invisible braces and can cause the upper lip to push out slightly, although you should feel completely at ease wearing it.

Is it a new treatment?

The Inman Aligner has been used since 2000 and around five hundred new patients are treated with the Inman aligner per month.

Can you compare it to Invisalign?

No. In this case the Inman Aligner is employed for upper and lower front teeth while Invisalign is used to treat all the teeth.

Will it change how I speak?

It will affect the way that you speak for the first week or so, but you will soon get used to wearing the device and your speech will return to normal.

Does it require a lot of adjustments?

The device has been designed to minimise dental appointments but an adjustment programme will be applied to individual patients.

What will happen after treatment?

After treatment the teeth can easily shift and return to their original position. This is why either a transparent retainer for night can be used or there is the option of having a wire bonded on the rear side of the teeth to keep them in place.

If you would like to discuss Inman Aligner treatment in more detail you can contact us now for a consultation.