Dental Hygiene

Seeing a dental hygienist often helps patients to target areas of decay and infection and keep on top of their dental health. A hygienist will deal with any plaque issues, infections or gum disease, both treating and preventing them for future oral health. To further the aesthetics of your smile we also offer air polishing, which is a cheaper alternative of keeping tooth whiteness by removing stains from the teeth.

We suggest all new patients have a complete and thorough oral health evaluation with one of our dentists before seeing a hygienist. This is to ensure we provide you with the best level of care possible. Please contact us for further information.

At Your Dental Care the dental hygienists are highly skilled dental professionals who concentrate on preventative dentistry and are passionate about oral health. Our hygienists are very fervent about dental health maintenance and will advise you on the best way to look after your teeth and explain any treatments you may need.

One of the main treatments for healthy teeth and gums is the professional cleaning, which is generally known as a scale and polish. We regard this as being extremely important in helping our patients to successfully take care of their teeth and prevent plaque from collating. Professional cleaning can target areas it is typically difficult to clean at home. Our cleaning tools are extremely powerful and effective in removing plaque from the teeth.

Gum disease is also something our dentists work hard to treat and prevent. By visiting our hygienists after seeing the dentist we can treat your teeth and gums and get them as healthy as possible, whilst also providing advice on techniques to maintain the health of your teeth between dental appointments.