Dental Implants

At Your Dental Care we provide dental implant treatment for the long-lasting replacement of missing teeth. The use of dental implants is also made suitable for dental phobic patients by the use of sedation techniques.

Dental Implants are the perfect answer to replace a lost root, the implant usually being constructed like a screw or cylinder. The implants are inserted into empty sockets in the jaw bone in a gentle manner, which have been drilled according to the fit of the implant.

In certain cases teeth may need to be extracted before implants are inserted during the same appointment. This means that there will be fewer appointments and the extraction and root replacement can be done together.

Implants can either be inserted like a screw or it can be tapped into the correct location, depending on whether it has a screw thread externally.

The focus is for the implant to quickly connect with the nearby jaw bone. When this happens the implant is strengthened within the mouth, which in turn allows the jaw bone to integrate with the dental implant for greater strength and stability. When bone is lost due to missing teeth and the shape of the face and jaw is affected, dental implants help to stimulate growth of the bone and create a strong foundation.

Dental Implants also sustain false teeth using a screw like device or post spaces, so that a number of different apparatus can be applied including dentures and bridges.

Once the implants are inserted and the tooth restoration attached there will be a strong base in place for a stable, long-lasting smile.