Gum Contouring and Teeth Reshaping

At Your Dental Care we can enhance the look of your smile and teeth with the help of our expert cosmetic dentists. Gum Contouring or reshaping works to remove part of the gum so that the gumline has improved aesthetics and the teeth look longer. A gummy smile means that the gum has grown over the teeth too much and leaves the teeth looking too short. Often this happens to the front teeth and can affect peoples’ desire to smile or show their teeth. It can make you lose confidence and affect your social interactions.

Gum reshaping manages to make the overall look of the teeth much better through just this one treatment. It normally takes about an hour and is a pain-free solution to reshaping gums and making teeth appear longer. A local anaesthetic is used during treatment, and it is a simple process to elongate the exterior of the teeth by changing the shape of the gums.

Teeth reshaping is a great way of dealing with minor issues that turn a perfect smile into an imperfect one. If you have chips in your teeth or perhaps the edges are rough and worn away, then gum contouring is the treatment for you. We use a polishing appliance to remove a portion of the teeth’s enamel on the exterior of the tooth or teeth, which is a form or tooth reshaping to remove the imperfection and make the teeth sit in line. The rest of the teeth are then smoothed and polished for a natural, perfect smile.

The procedure is fast, cheap and does not result in any pain. The treatment allows you to change the shape or size of teeth so that they appear aligned and neat. The procedure can often help you to clean your teeth for an improved standard of oral health.