White Fillings

Here at Your Dental Care we provide white fillings for the restoration of decayed teeth in order to preserve smile aesthetics and mouth functionality. The procedure can be completed in a single visit to the practice and it is a simple, safe process.

If the decaying tooth is not too bad then we can remove any of the decay and build up the tooth using a white filling, which will be the same colour as the natural teeth for the benefit of smile aesthetics.

The whiteness of the filling is much more discreet than metal amalgam fillings and blends in with your mouth perfectly. The filling is also easy to shape and mould to the teeth, generally being made from acrylic-based substances. The fillings do not merely fill a cavity but they are also able to build up teeth that have eroded. They can also treat minor issues such as chipped teeth.

We can also substitute silver fillings made of amalgam with white fillings for an improved look. The white fillings brighten the appearance of teeth and offer a more discreet, healthier alternative to amalgam fillings. Your whole mouth will be transformed and look much whiter and brighter after the treatment process.

Tooth decay occurs when acid attacks the tooth’s enamel and makes it soft. The decay needs to be caught early for white filling treatment to be used successfully. If decayed teeth are not assessed and treated in good time, this can eventually lead to the need for root canal surgery or possible tooth loss.