At Your Dental Care we are confident that our dentures will restore your natural smile and self-confidence. A denture is essentially a false tooth that replaces missing teeth in the form of a synthetic tooth replacement.

If you replace an absent tooth or teeth you will find that this results in payback for your looks and overall health. A denture or set of dentures will recreate a natural smile to help you feel confident in showing off your smile and speaking to others. The health of the mouth and teeth will also benefit from dentures, as leaving missing teeth untreated can result in more decay and the possibility of infection.

A complete denture can substitute original teeth and sustain the face and mouth structure. A denture is a device that you wear in place of absent teeth, so that you are free to eat any foods you like and able to smile without worrying about your appearance. Full dentures reinstate the look of the natural teeth by replacing them on the upper or lower jaws. Partial dentures fill in the area of one or more missing teeth and are bonded with the original teeth using metal clasps or precision attachments.

They are able to provide relief from the side-effects of missing teeth and can also be used in conjunction with dental implants for a secure foundation. Dentures can be attached to the top of the dental implant to create a stable fit.

The foundation of a denture is named a plate and can be made up of materials of metal and plastic such as acrylic. Teeth are usually made using acrylic and will look like your natural teeth in size and colour, which is imperative when placing partial dentures.

For more information on dentures or dental implants please contact our team and we will be happy to discuss your treatment options.