At Your Dental Care we provide crowns to substitute damaged teeth for the enhancement of smile aesthetics and functionality. Stained or badly decayed teeth can make you lose confidence in your appearance, sometimes causing feelings of shame and leading people to hide their smiles. You may also find eating certain foods is harmful to the teeth as they are too weak to provide a strong bite function. Crowns provide a strong, natural looking shield for weakened teeth.

A crown is a synthetic restoration that sits over what remains of the natural tooth, providing a natural appearance but remaining tough and strong throughout. Dental crowns can be made from either porcelain or gold, with gold being more likely to be used at the back of the teeth due to its added strength, while porcelain crowns look better and can be used for teeth nearer to the front of the mouth.

Crowns can also be called a ‘cap’ and are a perfect treatment for broken, weak or decayed teeth to restore a healthy mouth. We will create an impression of your teeth and the crown will be made specifically to sit over your teeth so that it is a perfect fit. The damaged tooth is protected from further decay and weakness whilst creating a better aesthetic for the teeth and a healthy looking smile.

Crowns work to treat a number of problems, including:

  • You might have a stained filling and would like the tooth to look better
  • You might have to strengthen a tooth where the root has been filled
  • It can act to keep a bridge or denture in place

If you would like more information on crowns and whether they are the right treatment for you, contact the team at Your Dental Care today for a consultation.