Facial Rejuvenation

At Your Dental Care we have a range of anti-ageing, non-surgical procedures to give the face a fresh, younger look.

Botulinum toxin

Whenever we express amusement, pull a face or show any expression using facial muscles, more line and wrinkles start to develop. We start to see creases around the eyes, lines on the forehead from frowning and even lines from laughing. Botulinum toxin stops the nerves reacting with the facial muscles, smoothing them so that they are relaxed and do not move. Due to lack of movement the lines are less visible and much softer looking. Muscles which have not been through the procedure can still move if we are laughing or frowning, but the actual skin stays soft and line free. This treatment can have impressive results.

The injections are very simple and harmless. A tiny amount of botulinum toxin is injected into areas of the face using a thin needle. There is little pain during the procedure as the needle is so small and the amount of liquid so tiny.

The procedure usually takes about an hour as does the time it takes to recover. As soon as the treatment is over you can carry on your everyday activities. There may be a small amount of bruising, like any injection, but apart from this you will look perfectly normal.

Are there any side-effects?

The injection can sometimes make the muscles weaker, the face may cease to be symmetrical and there may be eyelid weakness and drooping of the eyelids. Side-effects occur depending on the muscle which has been injected. Since the treatment is only temporary any problems will return to normal in a few months, though side-effects are rare.

A patch test is not needed before having the treatment so it can be done immediately. It takes a few days for the treatment to become noticeable and the effects will last between three and four months.

Botulinum Toxin can achieve fantastic results and is a great non-surgical treatment for wrinkled skin. The toxin treatment will also be useful for wrinkles caused by facial movement. However, they will not be useful for static wrinkles which are not connected to muscle movement.

Scientific trials have shown that you will not need as much treatment after a while as the muscles learn how to stop moving. This may not be the case for everyone and the treatment will not work as well for patients 65 years old and over.

Interestingly, some people with migraines have noticed significant improvement with migraine symptoms by using botulinum toxin.

This low-cost, highly effective treatment creates fantastic results and works well on:

  • Lines from frowning
  • Lines around the outer eyes
  • Laughter lines
  • Creasing of the forehead

Dr Arash Jafari

Arash holds a recognised and respected qualification and is very experienced in administering the treatment. He has performed over 100 cases and has never had an unhappy customer!