Root Canal Treatment

In the past when an infection was present the tooth would be lost in many cases. Here at Your Dental Care we take advantage of modern solutions and can perform root canal surgery to stop teeth from being lost.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is used if the blood or nerves (pulp) of the teeth become infected either from an injury or tooth decay.

Why is root canal treatment needed?

When there is an infection within the pulp of the tooth it can spread down into the root canal and lead to an abscess being formed. If the area is not treated for infection the tooth may be lost and need to be removed.

Is it painful?

It isn’t painful as a local anaesthetic will be implemented leaving the procedure to feel like a filling is being done.

What is involved in the procedure?

Any infection needs to be removed from the root canal by cleaning out the infection and sealing up the root to stop the spread of infection. Root canal treatment takes time and experience so more than one visit may be needed.

During appointment one the infected pulp is taken out and if there is an abscess they are drained. The root of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and prepared, and then a temporary filling is implemented whilst the tooth is left to heal.

In the next appointment the tooth is checked to make sure all the infection has gone and a permanent filling is put in.

How will my tooth look after the procedure?

In the past a filled root could discolour and go darker, but tech modern advances this does not happen as often. If the tooth does become darker there are a range of treatments to solve this problem and make the tooth whiter.

What if the infection returns?

The treatment of cleaning the root canal is normally enough but if the infection does return there may be need for repeat treatment.

Is there an alternative?

A tooth can be extracted instead of having root canal treatment. If the pulp has been damaged it can be better to remove the tooth from the mouth, although it is often better to try and keep as many original teeth in place as you can.

How safe is the tooth after the treatment?

The tooth should be fine but many people also have a crown to further sustain and support the tooth and give it strength and protection.

Where can I have root canal treatment?

Your Dental Care provides root canal treatment in cases when it is needed and it is a normal part of general dentistry treatments.

Is there any after-care?

If any teeth have been treated for infection they need good oral hygiene methods like the rest of your teeth. This includes cleaning the teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, maintaining a good diet and going to the dentist for regular appointments.