Six Month Smiles

Please note that this service is currently unavailable and will become available soon.

Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary method of treating orthodontic problems that promises a straight, beautiful smile.

Six Month Smiles takes traditional methods of fixed brace treatment and modernises them by using advanced materials and techniques. Patients are provided with an innovative, efficient and discreet brace. Reasons why this treatment appeals to orthodontic patients include:

  • Treatment time is approximately six months
  • Uses tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets
  • Predictable result at the end of treatment
  • Cheaper than many other treatments such as aligners and veneers

The Six Month Smiles treatment works by focusing on the teeth that are visible when patients smile—rather than the whole set of top and bottom teeth.This means faster treatment time as the focus is on fewer teeth than normal fixed braces. This is an effective alternative to other braces or aligners that are worn for one year or more.

How it works

The Six Month Smiles brace uses the very latest in innovative techniques and technology to provide patients with advanced teeth straightening. Teeth benefit from fixed braces that are highly efficient and effective—whilst retaining a high level of discreetness due to the clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. The braces gently pull the teeth into position over a short period of time using effective forces.

Can we be confident that it will work?

This treatment is tried and tested and offers predictable results. The traditional brace system has been given a more modern design to fit in with the needs of the modern dental patient, by offering a discreet yet effective method of teeth straightening.

Is treatment really only for six months?

Patients who are suitable for the brace can generally expect treatment to be completed in six months, while others find that treatment takes as little as five months. This will depend on the complexity of the case and some patients may have a longer treatment time. This will be discussed during an initial consultation with the dentist. If you compare this with traditional braces this is still a much faster option. After the brace has been removed a retainer will need to be worn to ensure teeth remain in the desired position.

Is treatment painful?

As with most orthodontic systems the first few days can be uncomfortable as the teeth and mouth adjust to the brace. Over-the-counter painkillers should help to ease any soreness and the teeth will begin to adjust after two to three days.

Is it a new treatment?

Six Months Smiles is a comparatively modern method of teeth straightening that was designed in the USA. It was initially created because a dentist felt that many patients were being discouraged from teeth straightening by the time, cost and lack of aesthetics typically involved. He designed a fast, less costly treatment that was discreet and focused on the aesthetics of the front teeth. This was introduced to the UK a few years ago and continues to grow as an alternative to traditional and more expensive braces.

Will it affect my speech?

The brace may initially affect the way you speak and cause more saliva. As with all orthodontic treatments the first few weeks are a time of adjustment, and your speech and production of saliva will soon return to normal.

Does it require much adjustment?

As treatment time is so short minimal adjustments are made. The brace is custom-made for each patient's teeth so that any necessary adjustments are kept to a minimum.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of Six Month Smiles is that the material is the same colour as your teeth and will remain discreet throughout the course of treatment. The brace is also cheaper and faster than many other brace systems available today, with treatment able to treat minor orthodontic problems. Finally, the incredibly fast treatment time means that teeth can be straightened in time for a special occasion.

If you would like to discuss Six Month Smiles treatment please contact our team today to book a consultation.