Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer is an unnatural growth that can take place in several areas in the mouth such as the throat, lips and tongue. It is a condition which can be extremely dangerous being that there is more mortality due to this condition than there are others such as breast cancer and skin cancer.

Even after treatment more than half of people still die from mouth cancer. There is nearly 2000 deaths in the UK each year from mouth cancer but it is a condition which can often be prevented. One of the main reasons for this is that the cancer is not detected early enough.

It is crucial to visit your dentist if you notice anything abnormal in your mouth, even if you are uncertain. Going to the dentist can help to identify early warning signs as soon as possible.

We look for signs of unnatural tissue or growths at every dental check-up. Early detection means early treatment before the disease can spread or cause death. Cancer of the mouth is not preventable but there are ways to minimise the risk.

Smoking is one of the main causes of oral cancer, in which case it is best to give up for a noticeable improvement in oral health. We provide help and advice on how to go about this and will discuss the dangers associated with smoking for the mouth general well-being.

Keeping up a good oral health routine, brushing in the morning and at night, regular flossing and twice yearly dental check-ups, all help to keep your teeth and gums in good shape.

Mouth Cancer Foundation

The Mouth Cancer Foundation is a registered charity which heightens awareness of the disease and gives helpful advice to professionals, patients and carers.